Linnets at Lettan

MediumOils on canvas
Framed Size52cms x 68cms
Price£350.00 + P&P
Framed Size350mm x 450mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£45.00 + P&P
Mounted Size310mm x 410mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£20.00 inc. P&P

About twenty years ago a small plantation was started both back and front of the house at Lettan. It was mainly willow though ash, rowan, hazel, alder, elder, Swedish whitebeam and oak were included…with varying degrees of success. The average height is now a not terribly impressive 12′ with only the sycamores exceeding that, and only in the most sheltered areas. This painting is of one of the small access gaps into the plantation at the rear. Beneath the trees has grown up a thick, often impossible to penetrate undergrowth of nettles, docks, buttercups and bluebells…sadly the nettles predominate. In the Spring flocks of linnets arrive and the whole wood echoes to their whistles and calls.

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