Rock of the Son of the King of Norway

MediumOils with some acrylic on triple primed canvas.
Framed Size45 x 35cms
Price£225.00 + P&P
Framed Size350mm x 450mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£45.00 + P&P
Mounted Size310mm x 410mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£30.00 inc. P&P

There are few offshore dangerous rocks around the cliffs of St Kilda …and this is the daddy of them all. It is the top of an underwater stac that appears like a sharks fin at low water spring tides. The story is that the Norwegian kings son ran his longship onto it and sank. He and several of his companions managed to swim to the shore and somehow or other managed to scale the cliffs of Horta, the main island. Alledgedly they were set upon by the islanders and ironically drowned in the fresh water pool they had been drinking from.

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