'Seen Better Days'

MediumOils with some acrylic on canvas
Framed Size82 x 56cms
Price£800.00 + P&P
Framed Size350mm x 450mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£45.00 + P&P
Mounted Size310mm x 410mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£30.00 inc. P&P

A small Fraserburgh trawler with engine and deck machinery removed lying on a West coast beach awaiting decommissioning. This class of inshore wooden fishing vessel typically could support three families, though often operated by multi generations of the same family. Latterly they eked out a precarious living, unable to compete with larger steel boats capable of going further afield and working in deeper water. The hulls were very ‘sea-kindly’ but as fishing methods evolved they fell out of favour as the new stern trawler developed. This painting was, in some small way, a homage to a way of life that now scarcely exists.

Purchasing information

For UK shipping, the smaller paintings that appear at £150.00/200.00 cost £12.00 for packing and posting and the larger paintings which come in around £350.00/£400.00 cost £15.00 for packing and postage. A tracking method is used.

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