The Sanday Wreck

MediumOils with some acrylic on triple primed canvas.
Framed Size82 x 57cms
Price£865.00 + P&P
Framed Size350mm x 450mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£55.00 + P&P
Mounted Size310mm x 410mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£30.00 inc. P&P

How it might have happened. A Swedish sailing cargo ship rounds the Start in a fresh NE breeze heading for Stronsay and Sanday to pick up barrels of herring for the Baltic market. Unfortunately as it clears the Start the wind veers into the SE and increases to a full gale. She is then unable to wear the point of Tresness and founders on Ba Gruna a shoal on the East side of Tresness. Spars and deck cargo are washed ashore on Sanday to be followed shortly by large sections of the vessel. Okay I made all that up but the painting might well be what it looked like on that night.

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