The Wreck of the Schooner Celtic

MediumOils with some acrylic on triple-primed canvas
Framed Size82 x 57cms
Price£625.00 + P&P
Framed Size350mm x 450mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£45.00 + P&P
Mounted Size310mm x 410mm
Image Size210mm x 290mm
Price£30.00 inc. P&P

In August 1907 the Arklow registered schooner Celtic left London bound for Oban with a cargo of cement.
As feeble light dawned, they could just make out Orkney and the master decided to try to make for the shelter of Hoy Sound. It proved impossible to gain control of the vessel and she was pushed onto rocks in Skaill Bay. The seas washed over the battered ship and water gushed through the breeches made by the impact. Anything not firmly held in position was swept overboard. The cook was taken from the deck by such a sea. Their plight did not go unnoticed. Four men and a woman watched the wreck from the shore. There was no hope of the vessel withstanding much more of the storm and Captain Hall gave the command for the crew to don lifebelts and to try to make their way ashore. Those who watched and waited anxiously gave what assistance they could and the exhausted, bruised men were brought to safety.



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